“Jess joined SoundCloud when we were under 100 people and was part of a team that helped us grow significantly during her time here. Initially, helping to build out our employer brand and hiring process, Jess moved on to establish our Learning & Development unit. Her approach to designing learning programmes was inclusive, experiential and always informed by best practice. Jess has an ability to distill research in various subject areas and make it accessible and informative for a bright audience like our staff at SoundCloud.

Jess developed SoundCloud’s first management development programme, LUMAS, which is still running and helps new managers in the organisation to become better at their jobs. She also designed numerous other learning programmes for the company including an experiential learn to code programme, workshops on giving and receiving feedback, conflict management and strengths-finding. Most recently she developed a workshop on developing a Growth Mindset in the People team; The workshop itself was highly engaging, Jess has an ability to facilitate sessions for mixed levels of staff, bring out great ideas and ensure all voices are heard. Participants got to put their learning into action straight away which resulted in a fantastic learning experience for all and resulted in some great initiatives. The growth mindset is regularly referenced. I highly recommend working with Jess.” – Noor Van Boven, Head of People, SoundCloud

Ana Liffey Drug Project

“Jess worked with us at the Ana Liffey prior to a period of significant growth and organisational change. Her advice in navigating that proved invaluable and her skills in organisational planning and design helped ensure the organisation continued to deliver vital services whilst implementing significant changes. Jess has an excellent ability to pin-point problems and provide workable, pragmatic solutions for them. I would recommend her services to any organisation who needs to plan and execute organisational changes or for any organisation going through a period of growth.” – Tony Duffin, Executive Director, Ana Liffey Drug Project.

NALA: National Adult Literacy Agency

“Jess joined the team at NALA just as we had launched our 3-year strategic plan. She helped us put in place a reporting framework that structured the organisation around strategic themes. Jess also undertook a review of an EU-funded project which helped us to identify strengths and weaknesses of the programme and plan for its development. Jess has a pragmatic approach to organisational problem solving and planning change. I would recommend Jess to any small organisation who needs to think differently about their structure and review their activities.” – Inez Bailey, Director, National Adult Literacy Agency.